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How much does full-service accounting cost?

It depends on a few things. Specifically, we look at the number of bank/credit card accounts, number of employees, and what type of accounting software you use currently (Quickbooks Online is the best choice for many reasons.) Then we will use our meeting to assess these factors and then provide a quote. Typically a small business will fall in the range of $250-$450 per month with all services included and a trusted advisor available at all times to help you navigate your market.

Are there any contracts that lock me in?

Absolutely not!

Are prices adjusted over time?

Sure. We will track how efficient your account is and adjust on an annual basis. If we are exceeding your expectations along with our expectations, we will lower your monthly rate to reflect this awesome sauce. Likewise, if there was more work than we anticipated, your rate will increase.

How does billing work?

We will set up an automatic payment to be executed on the 1st of each month for which services are rendered.

How will document storage work?

We are paperless (to a very large extent.) This will help us recruit talent in the future, lower fees on your side, and it’s good for the environment. Therefore, Hall Book & Tax will store all documents for you. We can securely email them to you as requested or set you up with access to the cloud storage system we use.

How does Hall Book & Tax protect my privacy?

In the digital age, nothing is 100% safe. As a result we shoot for 99.9% safe using extremely high-quality cloud storage providers and secure methods for transferring documents electronically. Furthermore, we will never share any data with a third party without your specific consent for each instance.

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