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What we do

Accounting professionals give advice. If they are good, the advice will be in plain language and lead to real understanding. The best way for us to give you a sense of what we are about, is to offer some core advice.

Core Advice:


Hire a bookkeeper. It does not have to be Hall Book & Tax, but hire a qualified professional. Time spent on amateur accounting drags you away from what you’re good at and costs you more in the end. You business, we book & tax.


Have your bookkeeper handle your tax planning and filing. They know your business the best, can use bookkeeping techniques to lower your tax bill, and will charge lower fees for filings because they already know what happened for the year.


Use simple, effective technology to automate as much of the process as is possible. Quickbooks Online, linked to a business checking account and/or credit card, is the best solution for most businesses. This allows an experienced CPA to provide advanced strategy without charging CPA prices.


Pay for accounting services via one fixed, low monthly rate. Hourly billings lead to uncertainty and valuable time being wasted. Or even making business decisions without the advice of a CPA for fear of the bill,



The IRS requires books so let us help. We use Quickbooks Online to automate the process and charge you less.


Planning & strategy, business returns, and personal returns prepared by an experienced CPA.


The more this can be automated, the better. Concentrate on why your employees get paid, not how.

The Process

Whether you are launching a new business or growing an existing business, there is no wrong time to re-source your accounting function. In most cases, the process is simple and quick. Here’s how it will typically go:

  • Reach Out – A short discussion can tell us whether we are on the right track.
  • Meet Up – We are happy to come to you or you can swing by the office.
  • Talk Bucks – We will provide you a quote tailored to what you need.
  • Onboarding – When you accept, we will take the reigns and make things as effortless as possible.
  • Booking & Taxing – You will focus on your core competency and leave the dorky stuff to us.

See why business owners
Trust Hall Book & Tax

I am pleased to report that Nate did a friendly yet professional job of handling my income tax for this year. I will be seeking his services in the year to come.


Hall Book and Tax is a new, modern, and efficient way to get your taxes done. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the ease of my tax preparation this year. I definitely will be using him in the future.


I’m really glad I switched to Hall Book & Tax.  Nate is really well informed and professional.  He gives me a lot of confidence that I am making the correct tax decisions.


As I suspected, Nate was prompt and highly professional when he did my tax returns. He has an educated, enthusiastic attitude—with a talent for friendship.

Mary S.

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